Directions to Brian & Virginia's House

To get to my house, you can either take McDonnell (Howdershell) or Lindbergh:

From I-270 & McDonnell:
When you get off I-270 and get onto McDonnell, head North. McDonnell turns into Howdershell north of I-270. You will follow Howdershell and continue until you go through the Lynn Haven stop light. After you go through the Lynn Haven stop light, keep following Howdershell until the very next stop light (for the elementary school). There is a street JUST BEFORE this stoplight. That street is Gerard Park. You will take a RIGHT onto Gerard Park and follow it until it ends. When it ends, take a LEFT onto Tannoia and follow Tannoia until it ends. Take a LEFT onto Coachway and follow Coachway to house number 1758. The house is yellow and will be on the left side of the street.

From I-270 & Lindbergh:
Turn onto Caochway from Lindbergh. Coachway Lane sits between the Bank of America and the Payless Shoe Store. You then follow Coachway over a mile, straight through several stop signs into the newer portion of it (labeled DEAD END, as it's a cuddlesack). The house is 1758 and is on the left side just before the actual cuddlesack.